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Book a party and SAVE with our LAST MINUTE Party Specials!  $25 off when you Book NOW!  Deals belowe are updated DAILY.


Call 503-645-1042 & you MUST mention this offer.  Not valid with other offers (Junior location)

Book any party Saturday or Sunday 8:30am and get $50 off!


Weekend specials....


1/31  Fri   4:30pm ($25 off)   or   6:30pm ($25 off)

2/1  Sat  8:30am ($50 off)   or   6:30pm ($25 off)

2/2  Sun  8:30am ($5o off)   or   11:30am - 1pm ($25 off)   or    1:30pm ($25 off)   


2/7  Fri  5:30pm ($25 off)

2/8  Sat  8:30am - 10am ($50 off)   or    7:30pm ($25 off)

2/9  Sun   11:30am  ($25 off)    pr    3:30pm ($25 off)


2/14  Fri  5pm ($25 off)

2/15  Sat  8:30am ($50 off)    or     5:30pm ($25 off)

2/16  Sun  2:30pm ($25 off)


2/21  Fri  5pm ($25 off)

2/22  Sat  8:30am ($50 off)   or     5:30pm ($25 off)

2/23   Sun  4:30pm ($25 off)


2/28  Fri  5pm ($25 off)

2/29  Sat  5:30pm ($25 off)

3/1   Sun  4:30pm ($25 off)


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