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Put a little extra bounce in your step!

Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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Cliff Jump Jr

Come check out our new and exciting inflatable!
Cliff Jr Jump is an ascending obstacle course with Free-Fall jumping platform unit.

Will you jump into Zero-Shock landing bag? The choice is yours!

Come jump on our new Canyon Crossing

An obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant obstacle course features three huge purple inflatable balls surrounded by a red ball pit. Players start on one side and must jump or run across the big balls to make it to the platform on the opposite side without falling in the ‘moat.’ But even if everyone falls without making it across, they’ll still have a ball. The ball pit is cushioned with our patented Zero Shock technology and feels like falling into water. The sides of this red and blue obstacle course are cushioned and designed to make sure players who fall off the big balls fall safely into the Zero Shock zones. As much to watch as it is to play, the Canyon Crossing obstacle course will make your next event fun for everyone!

Inflatable Slide


#1 Inflatable at Pump It Up.

Children can't help but to smile on the way down from this giant slide!

Slippery Slope Inflatable

Slippery Slope

Do you like a challenge? See who can make it to the top of this slippery slope to grab a flag. Children and adults love to compete for the prize!

Imagination Blocks

Imagination Blocks

Turn these blocks into a tower, a fort or a bridge – whatever your kids could possibly imagine. 

Pump It Up Party Room

Birthday Throne

Celebrate your child's birthday like a King or Queen in our special birthday throne.

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