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Semi-Private Parties

Semi-private party. Full party fun!

Our semi-private parties give you a chance to invite any number of kids to play, jump, and slide at one of our public Open Jump sessions and then continue the celebration in our private party rooms.

Full Party Fun Starting at $50

Small group of kids? We have the answer...

You can still have an amazing Pump It Up Party on your terms. Host a Semi-Private Party!
Great for last minute parties, small group of kids, or deal savvy Mom's.

Invite up to 15 kids to play, jump, slide, & imagine at one of our public jump sessions. Then continue the celebration in one of our private party rooms.

You may bring your own cake and goodie bags (no other outside food or drinks are permitted). You may purchase food, drinks, cake and goodie bags from us for that HASSLE FREE experience.

Reservations and deposit are required.

Regular jump price must be paid, may not use discounts, coupons, passes, or memberships for the semi-private event. This option is only for up to 15 children, no exceptions will be made, but there are other party options available. Please call for details.

Monday - Friday

30 Minute Party Room          $50

45 Minute Party Room          $65

Public Jump Session $9 - $10 per 


Saturday - Sunday

30 Minute Party Room         $75

45 Minute Party Room         $90

Public Jump Session $10 per


Times are limited. Call us at 301-620-2166 to reserve your Semi-Private party today!

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