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Double Slide Inflatable

Double Lane Slide

 Kids love climbing almost 20 feet high and sliding down onto our soft mats.

Wrecking Ball Inflatable

Monster Dodge Ball

 Bounce, tumble and roll in this giant inflatable. And as an added twist, use the giant dodgeball suspended from the top to knock over your friends.

Inflatable Vertical Rush

Vertical Rush

 Climb almost 20 feet high through obstacles then slide your way back down. Great for relay races- friends versus friends, or kids versus parents.


Multi Sport Inflatable

Multisport Stadium

 Get your game on!  Whether its soccer, basketball or even volleyball, kids will love to jump, kick, and slam dunk in this giant stadium.

Canyon Crossing

 You see "Wipe Out" on TV- well here is Pump It Up's version without getting wet. Challenge your friends to see who can get across without falling. But if you do fall, no worries. Our new "zero-gravity" technology will make your fall a soft one!

Cyclone Blast

Cyclone Blast

Whoosh! Brave the blast! With speeds of up 78 miles per hour you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical storm. Go on…jump on this ride – you’ll be blown away! 


$2.00 per ride


Multi-Sport Coliseum

Come in, chose your sport and just do it



Air Hockey Table

Latest generation, Dynamo's Fire Storm



Air Wobble

Come, jump on and let the fun begin, make friends on the Air Wobble.



Air Slide

Very popular with toddlers


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