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Add food to your party!


Cheese Bites $5.00
Popcorn - Large Bowl $5.00
Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks 6 pcs $5.95
Garlic Parmesan Breadsticks 12 pcs $9.95
Honey BBQ/Spicy Wings 12 pcs $11.95
Baked Chicken Bites (Small) $11.95
Honey BBQ/Spicy wings 24 pcs $19.95
Baked Chicken Bites (Large) $19.95
Add food to your party!


Curly or Seasoned Fries(Small) $4.95
Curly or Seasoned Fries(Large) $9.95
Onion Rings $9.95
Mozzarella Sticks $14.99
Veggie Tray - 4 lbs $21.99
Fruit Tray - 3 lbs $25.99
Medium Garden Salad (serves 10-12) $25.99
Large Garden Salad (serves 22-24) $49.99
Pizza - A Party Staple


Large One Topping Pizza $16.50
Large Two Topping Pizza $18.50
Large Three Topping Pizza (2 M, 1 V) $19.50
Large Gourmet Pizza $21.00
Large Meat Marvel or Combination Pizza $23.00
Add food to your party!

Pasta Trays

Baked Ziti (serves 10-12) Medium $33.95
Alfredo Fettuccini Pasta (Med) $35.95
Baked Ziti w/Sausage or Meatballs(Med) $42.95
Chicken Alfredo (Med) $43.95
Baked Ziti (serves 22-24) Large $62.95
Alfredo Fettuccini Pasta (Large) $66.95
Baked Ziti w/Sausage or Meatballs(Large) $74.95
Chicken Alfredo (Large) $79.95
Add food to your party!

Beverages & Dessert

Capri Sun $0.75
100% Juice Box $1.00
Ice Cream cup $1.00
Organic Chocolate Milk $1.25
DASANI 20 oz Water $1.50
Coke Products (Pitcher) $3.75
Add food to your party!

Adult Food Packages

12 CW, 6 Mozz Sticks, Onion Rings, Fries $25.95
M Pasta, 12 CW, 6 Bsticks $59.95
3 pizzas, 12 CW, 6 Bsticks $80.95
L Pasta, 24 CW, Med Salad, 12 Bsticks $132.95
5 pizzas, 24 CW, Med Salad, 12 Bsticks $162.95

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