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Semi-Private Parties

Semi-private party. Full party fun!

Our semi-private parties give you a chance to invite any number of kids to play, jump, and slide at one of our public Open Jump sessions and then continue the celebration in our private party rooms.

Semi Private party option is great for those smaller parties of 8 kids and less!  No need to have it ALL private.  Schedule during any one of our Open Playtimes to the public (even Friday nights!).  Jump during the open time and then move into the Party Room, which is private!  Use the Throne for present opening, order pizza/pop.  Three different options:  Classic: Just the use of Party Room; Deluxe: Add's the pizza/pop option; Ultimate: Is the whole package..pizza/pop, goodie bags, balloons.  Call now to book your SEMI-PRIVATE party event.  Semi-Private party events you pay the admission fee (whatever that Open Time event is), plus a $50 Party Room Fee and then the price per Classic, Deluxe or Ultimate.

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