Why Own a Pump It Up Franchise?

The answer is simple. Pump It Up’s mission has always been the same. To create the most memorable private birthday party experience of a kids life in such a way that’s hassle free and easy for mom and dad. Are you ready to positively impact children’s lives every day? We are.

Our Dedication to Kids Birthday Parties

Bounce houses and kids birthdays have been a dynamic duo as long as peanut butter and jelly has. So what makes Pump It Up special? The fact that in 2000 we revolutionized the inflatable amusement industry by transforming the backyard bounce house into a truly unique and indoor birthday party experience. No longer was it one attraction that mom and dad had to rent and supervise, now there was an indoor amusement park at the birthday child’s disposal for their party and the best part is that it was hassle free for the parents.

From those humble beginnings, that one store quickly blossomed into the nationwide franchise system we know and love today.

With Pump It Up’s franchise system, you can work smarter not harder—benefiting from our 15+ years of successful systems to help you establish your franchise. We’ve discovered the best strategy for every area of our business. Oh, and did we mention we know all the tricks to throwing the most epic kids birthday party ever? It means you get to hit the ground running with a wealth of knowledge and experience at your back. No having to make it up as you go here. What you get to do is what you do best: run your business. Let our proven methods take care of the rest.

Beyond Birthdays

Pump It Up is not just birthday though. We’re dedicated to making everyday a party in our stores. We continue to develop new offerings to help maximize store usage throughout the week and to increase customer visits throughout the year. These offerings include Open Jumps, holiday themed events, parents’ night out, and other events that remind kids of the fun they had at their last birthday party. Many franchisees also offer day camps, host field trips, fundraisers and team building parties to help diversify their offerings.

Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantage is simple. While there are many kids birthday party options, Pump It Up is truly unique in that we offer a 100% private experience with the best and most entertaining inflatables in the industry. Our indoor bounce house arenas and party rooms are safe, fun and full service. It’s those factors that have helped the company build a nationwide footprint that is significantly larger and more developed than our closest competitors. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class customer service and brand reputation. Not to mention our private party model, national scale, new event innovation and long history of success are unmatched in the sector.

The Forecast Looks Good

Everyone loves to say it, but we mean it. Our future and that of our industry is bright. Not only do we pride ourselves on having fun but we grow our business while doing it. That growth looks to continue moving forward as the number of children under 18 is forecasted to grow by 9% from 2010 to 2020. That increase, coupled with the fact that the annual amount spent on birthday parties away from home is a combined $2.6 billion, means Pump It Up is well positioned for continued success and revenue growth.

Did We Mention We Know How To Party?

As the largest inflatable birthday franchise out there, Pump It Up continues to re-invest in finding new and exciting ways to continue to innovate and evolve what it means to be the best kids birthday party experience. That continued dedication to keeping the experience unique and fresh, along with our unparalleled customer service, has helped us to continue to grow a loyal and passionate base of repeat customers by providing parties that are unmatched our competitors or at home parties. Partying is serious business and making sure we make every child smile from ear-to-ear because of a birthday party completely customized for them is what we’re dedicated to doing. We are in the business of making lifelong memories for kids.

Keeping It Simple

There aren’t many businesses where you can accurately predict your volume of business over the next 4 to 8 weeks, because birthday parties are generally planned well in advance, our business model allows you to do just that. You will be able to forecast staffing and product needs based on how many birthday parties are booked which help control costs.

Business Model

Although most birthday parties are held on weekends, opportunity exists to create meaningful revenue throughout the week. Open Jumps, Special Events like Parent’s Night Out, Field Trips and Day camps are just a few of the additional offerings Fun Brands offer to help your bottom line.

Effective Business Tools

You may own your own business but as part of the Pump It Up franchise system you aren’t alone. We offer all our franchisees robust tools that most independent business owners wouldn’t have at their disposal or couldn’t afford to implement. Here’s a small sample size of what we offer our owners:

Integrated Store Management System

Tracks reservations and party details, allows you to communicate with your customer database, accepts payments and gives you access to extensive business reports.

Website with Online Reservations

Unlike a lot of franchises, we give you control over your own website content through a simple to use Content Management System. In addition, our customers can make online reservations through the website and coming soon, they will be order to add all of their party add-ons as well.

Online Birthday Party invitations

Fun Brands partnered with the best known online invitation company, E-vite, to provide online invitations to our consumers.

Online waivers and in-store kiosks

Ensure your guest play safety, follow rules, and act responsibly. This system also tracks store visits.

Automated Customer Surveys

This powerful tool allows your customers to tell you about their experience and even tracks individual employee performance.

National Call Center (coming soon)

Franchisees have the option to sign up for our National Call Center so they never miss a reservation due to another phone call.

Finding the Right Site

Our experienced team will guide you through the site selection process. While it is the franchisee’s responsibility to find a local real estate broker to help you determine a location, we will provide final approval of the site and build out specifications.

After your location is determined, we will provide feedback regarding construction and architectural bids, review architectural plans for accuracy, and help you ensure your new store construction is coming along in a timely and effective manner.

Store Opening Process

In addition to the build out of your store, our dedicated and experienced store opening representatives walk you through the store opening process. Our 170-item detailed checklist with timeline will ensure you don’t miss any details. Think of it as your recipe to opening a fully functional Pump It Up.


Our extensive training program is based on a decade and a half of franchising knowledge. To get you started we offer 6.5 hours of preliminary online training, a 10-day New Franchisee Training in Arizona and a 5-day New Store Opening Training at your location.

After your store is opened we keep the training and resource programs just as robust. Our online learning center provides a priceless wealth of knowledge through manuals, business templates, checklists and program implementation guides.

Mission Control

Our Mission Control team is there during store business hours across all four time zones, 7 days a week to help you with any problem. If you need some strategic help with marketing plans, staff issues, operational challenges or in-depth analysis of your Profit and Loss Statement, our strategic support staff is also available to work with you.

Coming Soon to Pump It Up – Our national call center will be available to help ensure you never miss a call or reservation!

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