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We’ve Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Pizza - A Party Staple

Pizza & Pasta from Italian Pizza Kitchen

14" One-Topping Pizza $15.00
Extra Regular Topping $1.90
Extra Deluxe Topping $3.80
Mostaccioli with Marinara - Half $36.45
Rigatoni with Vodka Sauce - Half $49.95
Tortellini Alfredo - Half $49.95
Veggie Tray


Apple Sauce Pouches (individual) $1.00
Goldfish (15-25 servings) $5.99
Veggie Straws (15-25 servings) $7.49
Organic Pretzel Crisps (15-25 servings) $8.99
Skinny Pop Popcorn (15-25 servings) $7.49
Vegetable Tray $24.99
Fruit Tray $34.99
Chicken Wings

Appetizers from Italian Pizza Kitchen

Extra Sauce 8 Ounce $3.50
French Fries 5 Orders $11.25
Jalapeno Poppers 15 Piece $18.75
Potato Skins 15 Piece $18.75
Stuffed Bread Sticks 9 Piece $14.50
Chicken Tenders 12 Piece $19.50
Wings or Boneless Wings 24 Piece $23.50
Mozzarella Sticks 18 Piece $18.75

Sandwiches & Salads

Italian Beef on French Bread (12-15) $50.95
Italian Sausage on French Bread (12-15) $49.95
Meatball on French Bread (12-15) $49.95
Half Salad w/ 8oz Dressing (12-15) $27.95
Full Salad w/ 16oz Dressing (25-30) $50.95
Potbelly Sandwich (Minimum 5 Sandwiches) $7.20
Potbelly Delivery Fee $5.00
food options


Potbelly Breakfast Sandwich 10 Minimum $4.50
Potbelly Delivery Fee $5.00
Dunkin Donuts 12 Bagels w/ Cream Cheese $23.00
Dunkin Donuts 25 Munchkins $5.89
Dunkin Donuts 12 Donuts $9.99
Dunkin Donuts 12 Muffins $23.00
Dunkin Donuts Delivery Fee $3.00

Drinks & Desserts

Individual 100% Apple Juice $0.75
Pitcher of Soda $3.50
Coffee Ten Cups $16.99
Dairy Queen Sheet Cake (21-35) $42.00
Themed Cake Topper (min 10 day notice) $5.00

Super-size the fun

Why do kids love having their birthday parties at Pump It Up? We bring out the big fun with giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, a blow-up birthday throne, and more.

In a private space

Bounce house arenas? All yours. Private party room just for your group? Goes without saying at Pump It Up!

With super star status

It's your party, it's your party package. Pick out kids' favorite foods, drinks and party favors.

Simple, fast, fun

Reservations, party time, clean up - the whole celebration's a breeze, thanks to our party pros who help you out every step of the way.
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