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Birthday Parties

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Party Experiences

Make your birthday party glow!

Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leave a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

To see Glow in action, watch the video below!

*Glow sticks do not come with our Glow package, but you may bring your own!*

Price: $2.00 per Child
Motion Mania

Motion Mania

Check out the video below for a great demonstration of our new Motion Mania system!

Price: $30.00 per Party
Add characters to your birthday party

Character Appearances

Take your princess party to the next level and create a memory for your child that will last a lifetime. Not into princesses? Children love superheroes, and we can provide the perfect superhero party. Your kids will enjoy an action packed party of a lifetime, especially if they love Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Captain America & much more! Our characters have done over 10,000 events and have plenty of exciting ideas for your party.

Price: $200.00 and Up
Lets keep partying

Let's Keep Partying Goodie Bag

Bring home one of our goodie bags to keep the party going! Includes: Thunderstick, harmonica, pull back racer and a puzzle ball.

Price: $3.95

Fun Activities

Candy-Filled Pull-String Pinata $34.95
Face Painting! (Price Per Arena) $15.00
Party Bubbles! (Price Per Arena) $15.00

Fun Party Items

Number Candle $3.95
Socks $2.50
Autograph Animal $10.00
Birthday party photos


Memories made easy! We'll snap the shots while you relax and enjoy your kids' party. Magically, you will relive the fun had by all in the party room.

Price: $20.00 each


Bouquet of 10 Balloons $15.00
Bouquet of 15 Balloons $22.00
Bouquet of 20 Balloons $25.00
Bouquet of 25 Balloons $30.00
Helium Inflation (Small) $1.50
Helium Inflation (Medium) $3.00
Helium Inflation (Large) $5.00
Helium Inflation (Lifesize) $8.00

Unleash your inner party animal with a pumped up birthday bash!

Super-size the fun

Picture epic birthday fun jumping and bouncing in our enormous inflatable indoor playgrounds, plus games galore, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

In a private space

It’s your party, and only your party! You’ll get your own bouncy house arenas, plus a private party room.

With super star status!

Food, drinks, party favors - you call it when you customize your very own party package.

Simple, fast, fun

Reservations, party time, clean up? Don’t worry about a thing, because our party pros are there to help every step of the way.
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