Kids Birthday Party Packages

Pump It Up is the premier birthday destination. We know it’s the most important day of the year for your child and we treat them like it. Every party is hosted by our friendly staff, who make sure your every need is attended to. Our parties are 100% private – both the play time and the party room time. We have numerous party options to fit your needs. Just start with our Classic, Deluxe and Ultimate party packages and add one of our experiences, like Adventure parties and Glow parties.

Book your party at Pump It Up of Union City – it’ll be better than you imagine and something your child will never forget.

*Contents of all Goodie Bags may vary.

Classic Deluxe Ultimate
Classic Plus Pizza, Drinks
Deluxe Plus Pizza, Drinks, Goodie Bags, Balloons
More Information More Information More Information
Weekend Friday - Sunday
2 hours
2 hours
2 hours
Weekday Monday - Thursday
2 hours
2 hours
2 hours
2 hours
Make your birthday party glow!

Go Glow!

$29.99 and Up

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun. Pump Up your party with special FX lighting for an amazing birthday party that will leave a lasting impression with all of your guests. This is an experience the kids won’t forget. Let their imaginations go crazy. Add to the excitement by having party guests dress in glowing attire like white, neon or glow-in-the-dark clothing!

Book your kids birthday party today and enjoy all of the same great features of a Pump It Up Party plus Glow.

$29.99 for 15 kids
$34.99 for 20 kids
$39.99 for 25 kids

Pirates wanted!

Pirate Quest

$2.25 per Child

Your birthday child will be crowned as Captain during this adventure, leading their crew of jolly buccaneers on a scavenger hunt, using their map to find the lost treasure, while enjoying tons of Pirate games along the way! Each participating buccaneer will take home some loot from the treasure chest and the Captain will earn their Captain’s hat!

Book your child’s Pirate Quest™ Adventure Party™ today and enjoy all of the same great features of a Pump It Up party, plus:

Interactive treasure hunt & activities
Swashbuckling soundtracks & music
Special gift for the birthday child

Calling all superheros!

Superhero Training Camp

$2.25 per Child

Your birthday child will become our Hero of Honor for the day! Guests will go through a series of Superhero training exercises to help them all become true Superheroes! When the Heroes in training complete the Training Camp, they will receive an I.D. Card and a Superhero Mask. The Hero of Honor also receives their very own Superhero Cape and Certificate of Completion!

Book your child’s Superhero Training Camp™ Adventure Party™ today and enjoy all of the same great features of a Pump It Up party, plus:

Interactive superhero activities
Adventure soundtracks & music
Each child receives a superhero I.D. card and mask
Super-special gift for the birthday child



Description Price
Garlic Parmesan Twists {12-pc} $9.99
Cinnamon Twists {12-pc} $9.99
Spicy or BBQ Classic Wings {12-pc} $9.99
Spicy or BBQ Classic Wings {24-pc} $17.99
Spicy or BBQ Boneless Wings {16-pc} $9.99
Spicy or BBQ Boneless Wings {32-pc} $17.99
Indian Samosas {25-pc} $39.99


Description Price
Caesar Salad {serves 10-14 guests} $19.99
Garden Salad (serves 10-14 guests) $19.99
Chicken Caesar Salad{serves10-14 adults} $19.99

Veggie & Fruit Platter

Description Price
Veggie Platter $24.99
Fruit Platter $24.99


Description Price
LAR - 1 Topping $19.99
LAR 2-3 Toppings $21.99
LAR - Multi-topping OR Speciality $23.99
XL - 1 Topping $22.99
XL - 2-3 Topping $24.99
XL - Multi-topping OR Speciality $26.99

Sandwiches & Oven Baked Pasta

Description Price
Veggie Sandwich (serves 6-8) $34.99
Club Sandwich (serves 6-8) $34.99
Chicken Bacon Alfredo Pasta Tray $24.99
Marinara with Sausage & Mushrooms Pasta $24.99


Description Price
Juice Box $0.75
Organic Juice Pouch $0.95
Organic Chocolate Milk Box $1.10
2 Liter Soda Bottle $2.50
Dasani Water (1.5 liter) $2.50
Imagination Goodie Bag

Imagination Goodie Bag

$3.50 each

Includes: Wrist Launcher, Light Saber, Inflatable Ball, 3D Pad with Decoder Glasses and Scribble Stick, and Bug Flier with sticker sheets. Contents may vary.

Mini Goodie Bag

Mini Goodie Bag

$2.25 each

A Match Card Game, Silicone Bracelet, Stickers & 3-D Pets. Different colors, different versions, more fun!

Activity Goodie Bag

Activity Goodie Bag

$3.75 each

Keep the kids busy with an Activity Pad, Crayons, Foam Dice, Pencil Case, Bookmark, Playing Cards and Mini Eraser all in a fun plastic bag.

Princess Goodie Bag

Princess Goodie Bag

$3.95 each

Royalty Reigns! The Princess Bag includes a Jeweled Wand, Princess Beach Ball, Princess Sucker Pop & a Bracelet.

Pirate Goodie Bag

Pirate Goodie Bag

$3.95 each

Arrgh, matey! This treat comes with a Mini Beach Ball, Pirate Tattoo, Sword & Eye Patch & a Bandana.

Water Bottle Goodie Bag

Water Bottle Goodie Bag

$3.95 each

Great for kids on the go! Purple or Blue Water Bottle, Glider, Finger Trap, Punch Ball, Strawberry Tootsie, Frootie and Sucker.

Superhero themed party at Pump It Up!

Superhero Goodie Bag

$3.95 each

This treat comes with a flying superhero, stickers, a boomerang, superhero airplane, and much more!

Girls Rock Goodie Bag

Girls Rock Goodie Bag

$3.95 each

The feathery bag includes an Inflatable Microphone, Girls Rock Bracelet, Hair Accessory, Lip Gloss & a Girls Rock Jewel Tattoo!

Fun Activities

Description Price
Bubble Fun - Add Bubbles to your Party $9.99
Hurricane Simulator 5 Rides $5.00

Fun Party Items

Description Price
Glow Necklace $1.00
Pump It Up Inflat'O'ball $1.50
Add photos to any party!


$19.95 each

Party photos have never been easier. Let us take the photos throughout your party to give you dozens of pictures of your child’s birthday, while you sit back and relax.


Description Price
Balloon Bouquet: 10 $12.00
Balloon Bouquet: 15 $16.00
Balloon Bouquet: 20 $20.00
Balloon Bouquet: 25 $24.00
Individual Balloons $1.25
Pump It Up Mylard Balloon $3.99

Classic Party

Always 100% private and memorable. Our classic birthday parties are offered any day of the week. But, the weekends are our premium spots and fill quickly. Your birthday child and friends, even the whole class if you want, will have a ball at Pump It Up.

Your kids’ classic birthday party includes:

  • Gigantic fun in with our inflatables and more in our private, indoor, climate controlled play areas
  • Party invitations
  • Festive paper goods
  • Friendly, trained staff
  • Set up and clean up
  • Private party room celebration

Deluxe Party

This birthday party is everything that our classic is and more.  Offered on any day of the week – it’s a party that is just right for you! 

Deluxe birthday parties include everything in a Classic party plus pizza and drinks for all the kids. 

Ultimate Party

We've thought of everything so you can enjoy your kid's favorite place. Party planning with this package really simple – let us take care of everything while you sit back and enjoy your kids’ special celebration and create memories. 

Ultimate birthday parties include everything in the classic party plus pizza, beverages, balloons, and goodie bags. 

Party planning made easy

Let us help you plan

Let us be your party planner so you can relax and enjoy your kids birthday party!


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