Pump It Up of Bartlett Attractions

We have a variety of fun rides, attractions and inflatables.  Browse through some of our inflatables and attractions below.

Double Slide Inflatable

NEW in Playroom B. Double Slide. Race your friends down this giant slippery slide.

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Game - Cannonball Air Blaster_2

NEW GAME in playroom A. Cannonball Blaster. Shoot soft foam balls at targets to see who wins!

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Tee Ball - Inflatable

NEW in playroom B. Tee Ball. Get your game on and strike out your friends with the fastest ball!

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Inflatable Vertical Rush

NEW in playroom A. VERTICAL RUSH! Like a climbing wall/slide combination.

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Inflatable Daredevil Island

NEW in playroom A. Daredevil Island. Climb up high and slide down or JUMP IF YOU DARE!

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Wrecking Ball Inflatable

NEW in playroom A. Monster Dodgeball. Challenge your friends to fun game of dodgeball.

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Inflatable Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Playroom B. Sports enthusiasts get a kick out of this giant inflatable. Hold a soccer shootout, shoot some hoops or test yourself with jousting. Pick one, or play them all – Triple Threat’s a hit! 

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Air Hockey at Pump It Up

Air Hockey

Have fun testing your skills with air hockey. Cost is just 50 cents per game, but the competition is fierce.

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